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Your desire to combine profit and pleasure, a home away from home, a greencard in the USA can become a reality here in Montana. 

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we offer a variety of investment opportunities
• rocky mountain lodges/ranches on large acreage
• technology start ups
• commercial real estate
• out of the box opportunities in an emerging new world

available projects for investments

wake up and start dreaming Wavefront....... revolutionary contact lens design

wake up and start dreaming Exciting new Algae Aqua-Culture Technologies.

Our mission is to develop and implement systems that reform energy into high quality agricultural and industrial products through recycling or reconditioning ‘waste’ in ways that minimize the ecological footprint and maximize environmental sustainability, benefit the community, and create profit for our shareholders. Our guiding principles are emulation of natural systems, common purpose, and integration of diverse talents and democratic ideals within our team.

wake up and start dreaming American Saddlebred horses...... world champions


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